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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 8, 2016 8:00pm-8:32pm EDT

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♪ >> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live game night!" tonight, the cast of "ghostbusters" with melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig, kate mckinnon and leslie jones! plus, snoop dogg and guillermo at nba media day, presented by state farm! and now, laying it up, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone! i am jimmy, host of this "game night" special, we are coming to you in prime time, thanks for coming to us. tonight here on abc, game three of the nba finals. between the golden state warriors and the cleveland cavaliers. games one and two were in oakland, now the cavs moved back
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to cleveland for -- well, possibly for the rest of the summer. [ laughter ] game five will take place in oakland if necessary, but let's be honest, are any of these games really necessary? fun, yeah. but necessary? not even slightly! [ applause ] this is do or die time for cleveland. the warriors have been dominant so far. they won by 33 points in game two. they won by such a big margin they actually get to roll some of their points over into game three. [ applause ] [ laughter ] a cell phone plan. i'll tell you, i am not much of a basketball player, but i am pretty sure i could i lose to golden state by 33 points, maybe even 43 points! [ laughter ] for all the focus on steph curry and klay thompson, golden state has been powered so far, primarily by their supporting cast. draymond green had 28 points in game two. the cavaliers have to find a way to slow him down. because you know when you slow him down, it comes out like this -- ♪ [ slowed down speech ] >> they say you're better than the bulls, like --
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you, you will never play them. you know, it's two completely different eras, you know, so i don't really get off into the are we the best team of all time. [ laughter ] i am trying to win rings. ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: draymond on dramamine. you know, the weird thing for me about watching these games is when you realize that the players are younger than you are and then as you get even older it's depressing, because it occurs to you they could be your kids at the age difference. we have a tendency to forget it, because we're screaming at these players, but some of them are very, very young. i mean, could you imagine having to hold a press conference when you were this age? >> you guys had 17 assists on this game tonight, did you -- were you happy with the flow of the offense? it seemed like you and kyrie a lot of times were taken it upon yourself to try to score for it. [ laughter ]
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>> go ahead on the right side. >> steph, over here. torek from afghanistan basketball. there was a moment late in the game where you hit a three. you turned around and you threw your mouthpiece -- [ laughter ] >> any more questions? thanks, guys. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a proton-packed show for you tonight, the cast of "ghostbusters" is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig, kate mckinnon, and leslie jones are with us! unfortunately slimer couldn't be here, he's off getting vetted to become donald trump's running mate. [ laughter ] today is actually "ghostbusters" day -- june 8th is "ghostbusters" day. if you kill a ghost today, you get a free silver dollar pancake at ihop! [ cheers and applause ] not really, don't go there and ask for one. [ laughter ]
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the nba, you know the nba's been around for a very long time. 1949 the baa and the nbl merged to form the nba, what we have now. and the game has obviously changed a lot over the years and so we invited a basketball historian tonight to share some insight on how it has changed and i think you will find this both educational and entertaining. ♪ >> what up? it's your boy, snoop dogg. let's check out some old school basketball. as you see they're taking the ball out, no shot clock. quick pass inbounds. this is before black men were able to play basketball. as you see there's no jumping, no dunking, no heroics. this is just basic basketball. 1954, that's probably before black people had tv, so we weren't tripping. [ laughter ] lay up. foul. plus one, free throw. let's see how he shoots his free throw. i bet he shoots it -- i bet he shoot it granny style. [ laughter ] i knew it was the underhand [ bleep ] free throw.
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go ahead, granny. that's why there wasn't any black men out there, i couldn't have played in this game. and that was the nba finals, 1954, syracuse versus minneapolis. who won? who cares? [ laughter ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, snoop. we have to take a break, but still ahead on our game night special, from "ghostbusters," melissa, kristen, kate and leslie will be here and we'll be right back with guillermo's hunt for lebron james at nba media day. so stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ no more accidents. no more disasters. where would state farm be? here. to help with college. here. for that first car. and here. for new beginnings. because in a world where nothing went wrong, your state farm agent will still be right here. helping make life go completely right.
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after as their getaway car,t of foua new development:e a prius prius owners from all over america have descended on the chase - hi! to play what appears to be an automotive shell game with authorities. ♪ it's total confusion down here. the prius 4 have literally vanished. they're just gone. [laughing]
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i don't think anyone could have predicted this. toyota. let's go places. ♪ >> jimmy: well, hello again. we are back with another nba game night special. the cast of "ghostbusters" is still to come. you know, it's an nba finals tradition for us, well for them, the players will gather for what they call media day. so that big groups of reporters from all over the world can have a chance to ask questions. and for the past five years, we've been sending guillermo, who is our top journalist at the show. [ laughter ] he's actually our sports bureau chief. [ applause ] don't get too excited, because
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every year he tries to get an interview with lebron james and every year lebron snubs him. he ignores him. he walks right past guillermo. if he's yelling his name, he goes right past you. [ audience aws ] [ laughter ] i don't know why he talks to a lot of other people. so will this be the year that lebron james finally gives in to guillermo? let's find out in this special report from nba media day. >> lebron james is back in the finals and guess what? me too. i am back. and this year i am going to talk to lebron. i brought a stool. [ laughter ] last year, he was a [ bleep ]. that one time he was a real jerk with me. lebron, can you take a selfie with me? [ laughter ] the other time he ignored me. lebron, lebron, lebron, lebron! i am coming for you. i am coming for the king.
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♪ [ laughter ] follow me! >> it's hard to imagine any corner of our crowded world where a giant manlike creature could roam free. yet there's persuasive evidence that urban man may be close to his first meeting with this living legend. ♪ [ laughter ] >> hey, lebron. just one question. lebron, right here. just one question, lebron. [ laughter ] lebron, are we okay? we okay? kevin, kevin! kevin! kevin! can you tell lebron i am talking to him? kevin! kevin, can you tell lebron i want to ask him a question? hey lebron, just one question. that's lebron right there. this time, i will take no for an
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answer. hey, kevin -- >> guillermo! >> hey, how are you? >> i am all right, my friend. how are you? >> doing great. hey, kevin your name is love. >> yes. >> what do i have to do for lebron to love me? >> lebron to love you? >> yeah. >> try to sneak into some team photos. >> oh, yeah? >> yeah. >> okay, i am going to do that. great idea. thank you. >> you got it. >> and good luck. can i give you a hug? >> yeah, give me a hug, give me some love. >> is it fun to be tall? >> it is fun to be tall. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> i wrote this letter for lebron and i want to make sure he gets it. we're going to get to the bottom we're going to get to the bottom of this. that's right. i wrote this letter for lebron. >> okay. >> can you give it to him? it's right here, look -- wait, wait. you want him to write you back too? >> yeah. >> you want me to read it or no? >> yeah, you can read it. yeah, read it. [ laughter ] >> i think this is valentine's
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date for sure. >> you will give it to him? >> i got you. >> yeah? >> yeah, i got you. >> all right. wow, what a nice guy. [ laughter ] not like lebron. i think he's reading my note. look at him. [ laughter ] he's really thinking about it. [ laughter ] >> happy there were healthy guys who've done their jobs for us, getting in the weight room, getting rest after games, getting rest before games -- >> hi, i am here with jumper. [ laughter ] >> back again. >> what's wrong with lebron? >> what do you mean what's wrong with him? nothing, he's just trying to win a game, that's all. >> what's wrong? >> we just trying to win ball games. >> oh, yeah, can i practice? >> practice what? >> for my interview. here you put this on, like this and i'll pretend i am talking i am talking to lebron. [ laughter ] >> i was mean to you last year, so i apologize. >> yeah, you were mean to me last year. >> i didn't know. you ain't even got no eye things. >> hey lebron, you think you're tough? you're not tough, i am more
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tough than you. that's right. [ laughter ] what's your problem, dude? >> don't be so mean to me. >> are you going to make "trainwreck 2?" >> i don't know, we'll see what's in the works for me. >> oh, okay. thank you very much. >> yeah, man, thanks for having me. [ light laughter ] >> oh, i got to go, sorry. [ laughter ] >> we're done. we're done. >> lebron, finally. [ audience aws ] >> well, there you have it, another year, another year with lebron james, that jerk. bye-bye, see you next year. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. sorry, guillermo, i don't know what to tell you. we'll be right back with the "ghostbusters!" [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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our guests tonight are banding together for one simple reason. busting makes them feel good. >> what did you do to my uncle's hearse? >> i fixed it. ♪ >> let's go -- >> let's go. >> oh, do you want to start? >> i'll let you, i'll let you. >> "ghostbusters" opens july 15th. please say hello to melissa mccarthy, kristen wiig, kate mckinnon and leslie jones. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wow. >> jimmy: that was quite an entrance. you've obviously bonded. do you feel like "ghostbusters"? i mean, was there moment where you said -- was it when you put the uniform on, that you said, we're "ghostbusters." >> we all said it to each other. >> this is exactly what we did, we're "ghostbusters." >> i was a little crazy. >> the suit for sure, and probably the first scene where we had an actual ghost. >> even at the camera test -- there's real ghost in it -- shh. >> jimmy: driving around in the ecto-mobile, was that meaningful in any way? is that something that is exciting? >> it was exciting, i had to drive it, and i am not a good driver. [ laughter ] really, really bad. they had to -- you know you have
8:18 pm
to land it at a certain place, because that's the mark where the camera is. and i thought i can do -- i am a stunt driver and i can do this. >> we were scared. >> and i overshot the runway by like -- >> yeah, we were scared. >> by like 12 feet every time. >> you do -- you do so many things so well -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's not one of them. >> jimmy: a lot of these guys, who -- >> terrific fellas. >> yeah, who seem to have, i don't know, maybe very empty lives are upset because they say, oh, we can't have female ghostbusters. because only men can fight imaginary ghosts in a make-believe movie. [ boos ] [ laughter ] >> yeah, baby. >> then what they don't say when they're typing is that like one minute after they type their mom's like get upstairs and take out the garbage. you're 45 years old. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think you're probably more right than even people would believe. >> yes. >> jimmy: but i will say this --
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certainly dan aykroyd, bill murray and ernie hudson, these guys gave you the ultimate endorsement, by being a part of the film. and who gives a crap about anybody else at that point, really, right? [ cheers and applause ] did you become very close as a group? lie and say yes, even if you didn't. >> no, no, we did. >> jimmy: you did? >> you can't go through something like that and not be bonded for life. >> jimmy: leslie, who do you like most? [ laughter ] because i know, like -- you guys have done a movie together and "snl" connection and everything. >> say me. >> jimmy: who do you like most in the group, and be honest please? >> none of them. >> jimmy: none of them. [ laughter ] i plan on killing them off and just being the only ghostbuster. [ laughter ] naw, i love them all. i think i might have learned the most from kristen though. 'cause i am trying to find a man. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: oh, kristen was instructing you?
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>> and she taught me -- well, she told me that if i sat down and wrote a list, 'cause that's how she got her boyfriend. >> yeah, well it's not how, it's -- >> jimmy: of guys? >> no i am saying, okay -- so when i was single, someone told me to make a list. you've heard this. >> jimmy: no. [ laughter ] >> people's heads aren't moving either yes or no. >> jimmy: no, not yet. >> oprah did it once. >> no, you make a list of who you think the guy is going to be. not like a wish list, but just like who do i feel like -- >> jimmy: like the qualities? >> you're just putting it out in the universe. >> yeah, exactly. >> jimmy: and what was on your list? [ laughter ] oh, there's a real list. >> i carry it around with me all the time. [ laughter ] >> it's four pages long. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. all right, well, maybe, maybe this will work. >> my man, which camera do i look at? good kisser. >> jimmy: mm-hmm. >> good breath. nice teeth, not perfect but
8:21 pm
white and clean. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's good, that's good. >> that's nice. >> nice hair, not perfect, but not balding. [ laughter ] nice butt. >> like six guys just got up and they're like, it's genetic. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know each thing i hear, i check myself off. i go, oh, yeah, i guess i wouldn't be on the list. >> good in bed. good, generous lover. freak, but not creepy. [ laughter ] a nice penis, not too big. nice. and circumcised and functioning. >> jimmy: okay. >> all the time. >> jimmy: oh, all the time? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] if you don't mind we're going to take a break, if you have more things -- >> she has a lot more. >> jimmy: are there any men -- oh, my god. >> look, just pick one. [ cheers and applause ] >> he's cute. >> he got on a pink hat though.
8:22 pm
>> jimmy: speak another language? >> he got a pink hat on. >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> is that a pink hat? >> pink is good. >> i don't know if i like that. no. how old are you? >> i turn 21 in two months. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: not circumcised either. >> 20-years-olds steal from you, they steal from you. >> jimmy: he also has a weird penis, i saw it before the show. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] all right, we're going to take a break. the cast of "ghostbusters" is here. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary.
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8:26 pm
group -- >> i wish i could kill you, what? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i don't want to kill anybody. but i do want to ask some group questions and whomever has an answer for any of these questions -- sometimes we'll say who is most likely to and then you can answer the question. who is most likely to steal the centerpiece at a wedding? >> leslie. >> me? no. [ laughter ] >> i don't like flowers, they are death. that's her. >> why would i steal it? because i do like flowers, okay. >> jimmy: who is most likely to google herself? >> okay, i'll do that. >> jimmy: that would be you. [ laughter ] >> leslie may be the answer to all these questions. >> she may be the answer to all of them. >> jimmy: who is most likely to hold up production of the film? >> oh, damn. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: who is most likely to forget her lines? >> it's leslie. [ laughter ] [ applause ] the premise of this game is flawed.
8:27 pm
>> jimmy: wow, it's called the leslie game all of sudden. >> the leslie game, guys. >> jimmy: who is most likely to show up at a party uninvited? >> well, i guess that's us. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ "ghostbusters" theme playing ] ♪ >> jimmy: this is show one of a double-header for us. we have a new show later tonight, where the new gals of "ghostbusters" meet bill murray, dan aykroyd, ernie hudson and annie potts. the original busters of ghosts. and music from post malone.
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they'll all be back later, we'll see you then later tonight. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ "ghostbusters" theme playing ] ♪ if there's something strange in your neighborhood ♪ ♪ who you gonna call ♪ ghostbusters ♪ if there's something weird ♪ and it don't look good ♪ tell me who you gonna call ♪ ghostbusters ♪ ♪ ♪ i ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪ i ain't afraid of no ghosts ♪
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